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BiteBTC Daily BTC Giveaways!


We want as many people as possible to know about BiteBTC exchange and launch a unique Giveaway campaign! Starting from February 26, 2018, every day we will giveaway 5 Bitcoin-checks for 0.02 BTC each.

The check is received by the one who first clicks on the published link and hitting the Telegram-bot. The faster the click on the link, the better the chance to get the check first.

You can withdrawal this check to your Bitcoin wallet, to BiteBTC or to any other service. There are no additional conditions and restrictions.

How can I get my Bitcoin check?

Due to the fact that checks will be published in our official Twitter ( and Telegram channel ( at any time, we recommend subscribing to these channels and following up their updates. It is also recommended to pin our Telegram channel and don’t mute its notifications.

The action will last 1 month to March 26, 2018.

Hurry to participate in the action and get your BTC-check!

BiteBTC Twitter:

BiteBTC Telegram: