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Coin Redistribution FAQ


Coin Redistribution FAQ

First of all, we want to thank all users who understood the incident of January 1st and provided us with data on their deposits and withdrawals through a special form. We received more than 5,000 applications already and would like to answer some frequently asked questions:

1. Is it possible to restore the trading history in the account?
Unfortunately, part of the history of trading data is lost and it can not be restored. We understand how serious this is and kindly ask to accept our sincere apologies, but please understand that we are obliged to rely only on facts such as blockchains (for crypto currencies) and bank statements (for fiat currencies).

2. Is it possible to recover coins received from participation in the Airdrop campaigns?
Unfortunately, as in the previous paragraph, this information is partially lost. However, we pledge to re-run Airdrops on all coins, in order to allow users to re-participate in them and receive their coins.
Please do not fill out the forms with the mention of Airdrop in the fields of the recipient and/or transaction.

3. How to make deposits from other exchanges where the sender and / or transaction is unknown?
It is enough to specify the exact date / time of the transaction and the recipient's address (i.e., your hot wallet in BiteBTC account).

We would also like to ask you to pay more attention to filling out withdrawals. Now about 80% of users indicate deposits only, which is not true. We can distribute only those coins that were in our wallets before the fire incident, so if the total amount of deposits minus the amount of withdrawals exceeds this value, all traders will receive projectively less.