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Fire Incident: Fiat Deposits Restored


Today, some traders’ accounts were credited with fiat deposits in USD and CNY made before the Fire incident, which we were able to identify using Bank accounts statements.
In total, about 6.1% of the fiat accounts suffered from the fire and today we have restored these funds.

Fiat Deposits Statistics:
USD: $2.103.300 credited, $602.500 left
CNY: 4.492.000 credited, 1.539.200 left

As usual, withdrawals are available in your personal account.

Some deposits were left without crediting, because some of the traders who lost their accounts did not re-register them with the same e-mail and KYC data that they used before the fire.
We are ready to refund these fiat deposits as well.
To do this, trader needs to re-register an account and contact the Support Team, providing the data of your fiat deposit(s).

Important: if you made a deposit in a cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH etc), which was exchanged for fiat, then it was necessary to fill in the Coin Redistribution form in order to receive this deposit on your balance.
The deadline for submission is expired on January 31, 2019. Almost all coins were redistributed among the traders who notified us about the deposits made.

We are doing everything possible to redistribute the remaining coins: TCH, BDX, ADM and some others.

Thank you for being a part of BiteBTC community.