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BiteBTC VC Invests $10M in Distributed Data Center

BiteBTC VC Invests $10M in Distributed Data CenterThe BiteBTC Venture Fund allocated $10M for the construction of a new distributed infrastructure of data centers to host BiteBTC Exchange servers, including a system of distributed cold storage of crypto assets based on multi-signatures.The updated infrastructure will include data centers in Singapore, Zurich (Switzerland) and Boston (USA). All processed data (trad...

Partial accounts restoration

We managed to restore some of the accounts that were blocked as a result of the incident on January 1, 2019.Unfortunately, the balance sheets and trading history are not preserved on all accounts, besides, in some accounts information about KYC passing was lost.We kindly ask all traders registered before January 1, 2019 to check their accounts.If your account is not found, we ask you to re-register with the same e...

Coin Redistribution Roadmap

Over these days we have received many complaints and inquiries from traders in connection with the January 1 incident (, but we are not yet able to answer each one personally, although we are doing everything possible for this.In this regard, we will report the news on the website and in our official Twitter account @bitebtccom.Unfortunately, we have to admit that our specia...

Important statement

On January 1, 2019, a fire occurred in the data center where the exchange servers are located, as a result of which part of the data on the main and backup servers was destroyed. All crypto coins wallets are safe, but we need time to restore the balance sheets and trading history of about 7% of traders from earlier backups. We ask to fill in the form to the support service with the indication of your recent tran...

Simplified KYC for China and Fiat CNY Trades

Starting from October 25, 2018, citizens of China and Hong Kong will be able to pass a full verification within 2-3 business days. Full verification allows to trade on BiteBTC Exchange in all fiat pairs, such as USD and CNY.We also had successful negotiations to open a bank account in Chinese bank to conduct operations in Chinese Yuan.Chenese traders will get the details for the CNY Wire transfers in their persona...

BiteBTC launches the Fomo Game and announces $BITE Token

BiteBTC launches an experiment in support of its token.This is the Fomo Game.We donated the first 1 BTC as the initial prize fund: can be received by anyone who transfers his bid in the amount of 0.001 btc to the same address (FOMO account) within the first 24 hours.Every 24 hours, at 12:00 UTC, the rate increases by 0.001 btc, i.ะต. on the ...

BiteBTC Changes the Jurisdiction

We have spent the last months in vain attempts to agree with MAS on simplifying the methods of verification of our customers. We fulfilled all the necessary conditions and brought our documents to all the necessary requirements, but were refused. This means that only a minor part of our traders can now undergo verification and start working with BiteBTC exchange. We clearly understand that we are losing a huge ...

World Blockchain Forum 2018

BiteBTC will participate in the World Blockchain Forum, which will be held from 3 to 5 Sep in London. We will be happy to meet with all the participants of the #crypto community!

Changes in KYC and AML Policy

We are happy to inform that we managed to agree with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) on simplifying the KYC and AML requirements for BiteBTC Exchange.In particular, the KYC and AML verifications are required for trading with fiat currencies (USD) only.While we can not announce the exact timing of the introduction of the new rules, but we are doing everything possible to have the new rules come into for...

BiteBTC runs PIVX Airdrop

PIVX Airdrop. We giveaway 500,000 mPIV to first 1250 participants!