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Solareum (SLRM) is listed!

Solareum (SLRM) is listed: Forum: index.php?topic=2605546.0 Telegram:

Reddcoin is listed!

Reddcoin is listed: Forum: … CMC Rank #82:

Inflation Coin Airdrop

Inflation Coin Airdrop. We giveaway 4,000,000 #IFLT to first 1000 participants!

BiteBTC runs Coinnec Airdrop

Coinnec Airdrop. Fill the form to get free Coinnec tokens. We will giveaway 500,000 COI tokens to first 400 participants:

BiteBTC is pleased to announce Verge

BiteBTC is pleased to announce Verge. XVG will be listed on May 10th! Rank #25 @CoinMarketCap:

BiteBTC is pleased to announce DigiByte

BiteBTC is pleased to announce DigiByte. DGB will be listed on May 14th, with DGB/BTC and DGB/ETH pairings! CoinMarketCap:

BiteBTC runs Outing Airdrop

Outing Airdrop fill the form to get free Outing tokens. We will giveaway 100,000 OTG tokens to first 400 participants:

Free Listing on BiteBTC!

Free Listing on BiteBTC! Our CryptoExchange ($2M daily vol.) will list one coin for free! Retweet, Like, Follow and Comment your Symbol and BCT thread. We'll select one winner on May, 15! List coin:

BiteBTC Exchange offers a Free Listing of coins and tokens!

To get this opportunity, cryptocurrency representative should post an article dedicated to the BiteBTC and its services.Stages of participation in the Bounty program:The cryptocurrency representative fills the form of the participant:;;The Commission examines the application and reports its decision by contact e-mail provided;If the decision is positive, the cryptocurrency rep...

BiteBTC runs BTC+SUB Giveaway

BiteBTC launches a giveaway campaign for the advertisement of the Substratum. Within 2 weeks everyone has the opportunity to win 0.3 BTC + 10.000 SUB. Patricipants must retweet giveaway tweet (, follow BitBTC twitter account and fill out the form: The winners will be announced on March 26.